Behind the blog WE ARE CLEAN, you will find the brand BLUE SKINCARE of the group MEGA BIOPHARMA.

Pioneer in the development of a natural biomaterial extracted from mother-of-pearl, MEGA BIOPHARMA aims to offer therapeutic solutions for bone and skin repair in several domains. MEGA BIOPHARMA gravitates towards a unique goal: to contribute to a future medicine that is less invasive, more inventive and responsible. Repair the living, with care.

And at the core of MEGA BIOPHARMA? A passionate team working to develop a Clean cosmetics brand that has yet to exist. 

Why did we create this blog?

Beyond the Clean Beauty category, the Blog sheds light on what is good for us to consume in the broad sense of the term (Clean Eating, Clean Fashion, etc.), as much for our health as for our planet. Because being Clean, means adopting a global approach towards responsible consumption, which goes beyond our bathrooms. It goes without saying that everyone goes at their own speed: we are only looking to awaken our readers’ consciousness. We are not perfect green activists ourselves, but we do celebrate each increased awareness as a great victory.

We’ve delegated the task of answering all your questions to our trusted and wonderful team of talented journalists. All as much concerned and passionate about a Cleaner world, adopting a global eco-responsible vision.

Our editorial team:

Journalist for more than 10 years, Loreleï Boquet-Vautor is particularly interested in topics related to well-being (beauty, health, psycho, sex, fitness, nutrition, professional life, etc.) and loves to decipher trends to share them as widely as possible. Nurtured on feminism, ecology, and holistic well-being by her grandmother and mother, generation after generation, she always had a desire to fight for good causes: preserving our planet, supporting a more inclusive world, and prioritising mental as well as physical well-being. It is therefore natural that she has adopted an engaged lifestyle, without feeling any sense of constraint (no plastic or disposable materials, composting and recycling of waste, a vegetarian diet, second-hand shopping, disruptive activism, etc.).

Her observational, experimential and reconstructive skills are what makes her stand out. She loves knowing and capturing the new and future trends. She supports brands in the establishment of their values, and adopts a forward-looking and eco-focused vision. Additionally, she is a self-proclaimed holistic beauty coach. For 25 years, she has been obsessed with green/well-being, testing products, beauty rituals and holistic practices (naturopathy, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, coaching, etc.) She has tried out hundreds of Spas & ‘Health Centers’ around the world, visited the 5 continents, interviewed countless experts, and completed hundreds of studies for brands.

For the past 20 years, Nathalie Desanti has been working as a journalist specializing in nutrition, well-being and health. She is also a psychotherapeutic coach. She has written a novel based on her personal development, « Et un jour j’ai décidé de faire la tortue » (Editions Albin-Michel), and created her own podcast: Parents Zen.

Information, communication and our relations to others are the pillars of Ariane Goldet’s professional career. She is passionate about research, science, cosmetics, global trends, health, and wellness. She believes in transparency, sincerity and in the success of collaborative and transversal work. Ariane Goldet has over 30 years of experience in women’s press. She started writing for the Hachette Filipacchi group (Femme, Vital), before working at Prima Press (Prima), and the Marie Claire group. Being the editor-in-chief for 20 years in the Beauty & Health section, she holds Marie Claire’s Prize for Excellence. She has also hosted radio shows on Europe 1 and Radio Monoprix.

Journalist in the cosmetics sector, Sophie Goldfarb approached Beauty from an industry and economic perspective, leading weekly Letters by key Beauty figures. Since 2008, she has collaborated on women’s press titles as a skincare specialist and formula ‘decoder’. Curious and open-minded, she is passionate about the evolution of consumers’ demands and new trends. She aspires to achieve a ‘cleaner’ world’.

After working in the marketing sections of international groups (l’Oréal, Shiseido) and PME Cosmétiques, Odile Polette founded, 10 years ago, her own marketing and communication consulting agency: Beauty Stories, focused on beauty brands and actors. She supports them through the creation of their identity, market positioning, discourse, and development. Odile offers strategic, operational and creative actions, creating value and differentiation. She acquired expertise by working at the heart of brands.

Alexandra Raillan has been working in women’s press for over 15 years. She loves to read and write articles and books. This journalist sorts out her trash and gives objects a second life. Without handing out life lessons, she is a firm believer in the technique of taking small steps. For Alexandra, ecologically speaking, it is better to do a little bit everyday rather than always doing nothing!

Journalist and author, Anne Thoumieux has been writing about beauty and well-being trends for the past 10 years. She has also been collaborating with multiple magazines. Becoming a mother made her realise the importance and centrality of ecology, which inspired her to write several books on the issue (Le livre du Lagom, J’arrête le plastique et Dis, c’est vrai qu’on peut soigner la Terre ?)