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How do you embrace a clean facial skincare routine?

Changing your beauty habits to switch to Clean Beauty mode means modifying some skincare habits and embracing new day-to-day facial skincare routines.

How do you find the best clean facial skincare routine, the one that is closest to the Clean Beauty trend?

If you subscribe to Clean Beauty concepts, here’s how you can put them into practice and edit your facial skincare routine to meet the standards of this “clean beauty“. What are the advantages? More simplicity and self-respect, and more kindness towards your skin and the planet. The benefits are clear.

The clean facial skincare routine goes back to basics

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First of all, make-up removal (this is the frontline anti-ageing routine, we cannot stress that enough!), and also hydration. So start listening to what your skin is telling you (depending on the season, and the time of the month…) and embrace simple routines. You will need to have the “basics” to hand: a serum as your needs dictate, a moisturiser suited to your skin type, a targeted skincare product (the eye area, wrinkles…), a make-up remover, a multi-purpose plant-based oil, and a spray that’s kind to your skin.

● The Clean Beauty routine:
Forget layering (layering up skincare products, and therefore preservatives). Concentrate on addressing one problem issue at a time (hydration, redness, wrinkles…) during a cycle spanning several weeks.

The clean morning facial skincare routine is changing

As soon as you get up, you can use a thermal spring water spray or floral water spray to relax your features and hydrate your skin. If you are more about “water cleansing” in the morning, go for gentle foam consistencies which are a feelgood way of energising your skin in the morning.

● The right Clean Beauty routine:
Out with cotton wool – favour the water + foam combo instead. But be careful not to strip your skin of its protection. Use gentle motions, not least when towel-drying your face. Dab it gently, don’t rub it.

The nightly facial skincare routine is evolving

In keeping with today’s environmentally-friendly zeitgeist, it’s preferable to avoid cotton wool. Consider washable and reusable substitutes, or cleansing mitts. Again, we advise you to use the gentlest of motions to avoid being too harsh on your skin and disrupting its surface microbiome. You can also apply cleansing milk with a circular motion of your fingertips, before using lotion to remove the oily film left behind.

● The right clean beauty routine:
Try cleansing oils that remove every bit of make-up and impurities, and can be applied with the fingertips (with no need for cotton wool) before rinsing.

The clean facial skincare routine is minimalist

Clean Beauty - WE ARE CLEAN

Clean Beauty advocates a new vision of beauty “Less is More“, with skincare products whose INCI list features a minimum of ingredients, and a beauty routine that’s just as pared down. Clean Beauty means using fewer products, with those remaining being kinder to the planet and to your skin.

● The right clean beauty routine:
You can also find a product that suits you and can be used on the skin in several ways. For example an oil that removes make-up and moisturises, or a face cream that also serves as an eye cream.

The clean facial skincare routine steers clear of greenwashing

By being vigilant and paying attention, you’ll be able to distinguish between a brand that really strives to meet consumers’ new expectations and those who are riding the green wave. Look at the brand’s overall philosophy, its values, its commitment… You will be able to sort the passes from the fails quickly.

● The clean beauty routine:
Finding out about the approaches of brands that you like or get acquainted with is bound to make you more actively involved and better informed when going through with your purchase.

The clean facial skincare routine listens to what the skin has to say

Dry, oily, combination… Those are the basic features. Beyond that, your skin changes over time depending on your lifestyle (more or less healthy), any stress endured, and damage caused by sun exposure. So the idea is to get to know your skin and how it reacts intimately, so as to better meet its needs. And getting to know your skin is not so easy! You can run online skin diagnostics, for example, and most importantly, stay connected! Diet, for example, can have major impact on the skin. It’s up to you to get to know who the false friends are!

● The clean beauty routine:
Get away from the standard beauty routine a little. For example, some people find that their skin can live without a night cream, and opt for a kind of beauty fasting regime, without causing any major problems. Conversely, others need their nightcap to sleep in four-star comfort. There’s only one rule: listen to what your skin has to say!

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