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Facial massage, the cleanest of all treatments

Why not take a moment during your beauty regimen to massage your face? It’s a win-win for anti-ageing! Our expert, Tatiana Justeau, a certified specialist in face workouts, explains.

With the facialist trend, there is more and more talk about the importance of having your face massaged. But you can also do it yourself in front of a mirror in the comfort of your own home. Tatiana Justeau, a certified specialist in face workouts and author of La gymnastique faciale (Ed. Eyrolles) explains the right steps and precautions to take.

Respect your face

“Every woman has a different facial journey,” explains the pro. Therefore, at the age of 30 or 60, our needs are not the same. “For example,” continues Tatiana Justeau, “the recommended frequency varies. For those aged 60 and over, I would advise a daily massage, which is not recommended for younger faces.” In fact, massaging too often, especially using the draining massage technique, risks causing those in their thirties to lose the roundness and fleshiness that give the face that fresh, young look. And what a shame that would be!

  • Tatiana’s advice: don’t hesitate to contact a facialist or a face workout expert via social media (for example, @tatianajusteau_faceworkout), to find out the massage frequency that best suits you. As well as age, the expert will consider the shape of your face, and the placement and significance of any wrinkles or signs of ageing.

The right approach

– Start with a clean face.

Facial massage should always performed on a perfectly cleansed face, using clean hands. What product to use? “I don’t recommend using a makeup remover oil as this is designed to remove makeup. Instead, I opt for certain plant-based oils” explains Tatiana.
The best? Hemp, plum or pine oil. Avoid: sweet almond and coconut oils, which are a little too greasy for massage. Also remember to check that your chosen oil is non-comedogenic.

– Follow the contours of the face.

Then, simply place a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand to warm it up. When applying the oil to your face, you should avoid spreading it using a pulling motion, but instead, gently massage using your fingertips. The most important thing? Respect the contours of your face. Always massage from the inside of the face outwards, moving slightly upwards towards the temples and the top of the forehead. Be careful not to pull on the skin while massaging as this may stretch it out. Also, avoid pulling the skin downwards (so as not to accentuate the harsh law of gravity). The only exception: the neck, which is able to withstand top-down movements, facilitating drainage.

– Target your individual needs.

You can concentrate your massage on certain specific areas, depending on the signs of ageing (wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, etc.) If you suffer from loss of firmness, focus mainly on the contours of the face that are sagging. You can use your fingertips to gently “pinch” the outside of the face, your palms to smooth, or your closed fists to improve tone.

– Use firm, but gentle movements.

The pressure exerted must be both firm, but not rough, and gentle, but not too soft. This help act efficiently on all the small muscles of the face. To give you an idea, on a scale of 1 to 10, the right pressure is around 3 or 4.

– Massage regularly.

Obviously, after a professional facial treatment, your face gains (or loses?) ten years. At home, you’ll need to be patient… and regular. Plan a five to ten minute session, morning or evening, two or three times a week, for quick results.

  • Tatiana’s advice: Once you’ve finished massaging, the oil used must be removed. This is because, while being massaged, the skin may release impurities, which will mix with dust particles in the air and remain stuck to the face. The right approach? Pat your entire face with a glove soaked in warm water. Then, once your face is clean, you can reapply oil or your usual day or night treatment.

Why massage your face?

The face has many muscles, which are often tight. Regular massage helps to relax the muscles, smooth lines and tone the face. Finally, by facilitating the lymphatic drainage of the face, massage acts as a ripple effect on under-eye bags!

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