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The health benefits of sex!

This physical activity, unlike any other, has more than one advantage to seduce you. In fact, we can give you 7! Just in case you needed convincing…

“Sorry darling, I’m too tired tonight.” If your libido is lagging, kick-start the love machine by discovering all the reasons why it’s good for your health… Come on, jump into bed… and quick!

It’s good for your heart

The act of making love, especially in the Kama Sutra positions, boosts the heart. The result: an increased heart rate and enhanced blood circulation, in particular, as well as an overall improvement in the cardiac system. In fact, during intercourse the heart rate steadily increases, peaking during orgasm. Making love is therefore a rather pleasant way to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. How often? According to a British study on the subject, doing the deed twice a week can halve the risk of heart disease compared to those who have one sexual encounter a month…

It’s good for morale

Understandable! When we make love, our body secretes lots of pleasure hormones, including the famous dopamine and serotonin. That’s why, apart from the pleasure experienced during the sexual act itself, we feel really good after a naughty nap! Not to mention the fact that it also boosts your self-confidence.

It’s an excellent stress reliever

As mentioned above, our body activates hormones when we’re warming up in bed. But this time, it’s the cortisol level (which peaks when we’re stressed) that decreases during sex. That’s why they say making love is an excellent stress reliever! Woody Allen summed it up in this famous quote: “Sex relieves tension, and love causes it. And, good news for singles! It’s the pleasure that counts, not the partner you have fun with. So, sex toys and traditional masturbation count too. Again, twice a week is a good rhythm.

It’s better than a sleeping pill!


As far as hormones are concerned, our body lets go during sexual intercourse. The “rush” we feel after the act is down to the release of prolactin, a so-called hyper-relaxing hormone. And if you’re more of an evening person than a morning person, you should know that having sex before going to sleep stimulates the production of oxytocin and melatonin… the perfect recipe for sweet dreams.

It strengthens our hidden muscles

Without going into the boring anatomical details, sex strengthens certain essential, but hidden muscles, particularly the pelvic floor muscles (helping prevent incontinence) in women. These muscles are stimulated during lovemaking and when they contract, it increases pleasure. Sexually active men are less likely to be affected by prostate cancer.

It boosts immunity

Like any physical activity combined with a healthy lifestyle, regular sex is believed to boost our immune system. For the moment, there is no consensus among researchers on this subject. Some explain this by a higher concentration of immunoglobulin A, a powerful antibody that protects us from viruses, in those who have regular sex, slow or otherwise.

It helps keep you in shape!

Ah yes… three other big advantages of sex. First and foremost, it burns calories… up to 50 kcal per quarter of an hour (this may seem small, but it adds up!) and, like any other physical activity, kick starts a “detox” action, helping eliminate toxins from the body. Last but not least, making love gives you rosy cheeks, making you look younger! In short… make love, your body will thank you!

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