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Lithotherapy: when stones are good for us

Tiredness, low spirits, lack of self-confidence… How about opting for crystals to take care of your emotional state?

Since the 1970s, we’ve been hearing more and more about lithotherapy. With the neo-witchcraft trend and the return to natural skincare products, the art of using energy from stones and crystals for wellness purposes is thriving. Good to know: way back in ancient civilisations, a great many rituals relied on the beneficial effects of gemstones… To properly understand the merit of stones, you have to be a little bit into “energy”. In a nutshell, without launching into a lecture on Einstein’s theory of relativity, everything is energy. Stones have a particular vibratory field that gives off a certain form of energy and rebalances the body. Stones have various beneficial effects depending on their properties, which are related to their makeup. So how do you pick the right stone for you? Well, there are two ways. Either you have a specific issue (difficulty sleeping, irrational fears…) and you’re looking for a stone to address it. Or you follow your intuition. Once you’ve picked out a stone, you look up its meaning and virtues.

In lithotherapy circles, it is said that nothing happens by chance and that the stone you need will call out to you… The stones can be worn as jewellery (in a necklace or bracelet). You can also slip them into your bag, your pocket or under your pillow. Or give them pride of place on your desk. Another possibility: you can hold them in your hand and use them as a meditation aid.  

Need for soothing


In case of emotional upheaval, some stones are known to calm the mind and regulate mood.

The right stones: mother-of-pearl, rose quartz and rhodochrosite.

Need for an energy boost


In case of severe tiredness and lack of energy, some stones will revitalise you and give you a boost.

The right stones: amethyst, topaz and amber.

Need for protection

Sometimes you feel like the evil eye is on you, or feel drained by energy vampires. You know the sort – the ones who tire you out and sap all of your energy as soon as they come up to you… In that case, some so-called protective stones form a barrier between you and other people.

The right stones: black obsidian, labradorite and tiger’s eye.

Need for a self-confidence boost

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Do you find public speaking difficult? Does your shyness give you a hard time? Some stones “especially for introverts” help you to push past your limits.

The right stones: dendritic agate, orange calcite and celestine.

Need to get your spirits back up

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To drive out sad thoughts and restore a little hope, some stones give you renewed drive and bring a little light-heartedness and happiness.

The right stones: green aventurine, amazonite and citrine.

Need to be grounded

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To return to the present moment, not dwell on the past and not get lost in your thoughts, some stones make it possible to reconnect and find your way back onto the path to serenity.

The right stones: mahogany obsidian, jasper and garnet.

Need for serenity

Besoin de sérénité - CLEAN PLANET - WE ARE CLEAN

In case of stress and an overly-busy lifestyle, some stones help you to overcome your anguish and combat stress effectively.

The right stones: pyrite, mookait jasper and aquamarine.

How do you take care of your stones?

Order them from well-known sites, like France minéraux, Midobras or Let’s play on the moon. Alternatively, rely on word of mouth. It’s best to go to stone shops to be in direct contact with crystals and a lithotherapy expert, who will explain how to drain your gemstone (with water or fumigation) and charge it up again (with moonlight or sunlight). These steps are different for each stone, and are primordial for getting their full potential out of them. When they are not in use, put them in dark place, ideally in a black pouch. You can store those from the same colour family together.

To find out more: Dictionnaire de lithothérapie holistique [Holistic Lithotherapy Dictionary] (available in French only), Aurélia Mariani, Améthyste Éditions, €38. Litho Positive [Positive Lithotherapy] (available in French only), Carole Smile, Leduc Eso, €20.

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