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The 10 best eco-friendly podcasts

The craze for podcasts (audio shows that give specialists and unnamed content creators their say to talk about a subject or tell their story) is giving the environment centre stage in those on ecology. At a time when more and more people are starting to understand how serious the situation is, just as many of them want to spread the word, find out information and have discussions on it.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best podcasts on ecology.

The most detailed podcast on ecology : “Présages”

The pitch: “Conversations and ideas to provide food for thought and radically call the state of our world into question”

This independent podcast from Alexia Soyeux is the fruit of meetings between scientists, writers, artists and principled people, who are all aware of the immensity of the upheavals that are happening now and yet to come. They all question and call into question the models of our societies, and of our planet. They examine, alert, take action and put things in place. The content is arranged by topic depending on who the guests are, but is very much principled, since they talk about ecology from the most anxiety-inducing angles like collapse, the loss of biodiversity and the threat posed by global warming. The feat that it pulls off is that of managing to talk about extremely worrying topics whilst remaining a little optimistic, without falling into the middle of the road or into simplistic tropes. The aim of these interviews is to hear what specialists have to say in order to prepare for a different way of life.

The most curious eco-friendly podcast: “De cause à effet”

Aurélie Luneau - Clean Planet - WE ARE CLEAN
@Aurélie Luneau

The pitch : “Every week, make way for the environment and the issues facing it for today’s and tomorrow’s society”

This podcast for France Culture hosted by Aurélie Luneau, who holds a doctorate in history and a political science diploma, is aimed at unpacking the links between cause and effect of all ecological issues in order to come up with ways of taking action. It plays host to both scientists and ordinary people and presents emerging solutions from all over the world while raising fundamental questions. The tone is rather intellectual, but one of well-informed free speech. The content questions notions such as responsibility, civic duty, the concept of transition and all the thought processes that can feed into the idea of how tomorrow’s world will look. Alternating between optimism and a sense of urgency, the balance lies in showing never-ending curiosity and the wish to get to the bottom of things, even if there are some vexing questions.

The most innovative eco-friendly podcast: “2030 Glorieuses”

Julien Vidal - Clean Planet - WE ARE CLEAN
@Julien Vidal

The pitch :The podcast that puts the actors of tomorrow’s world front and centre

Julien Vidal’s show “Ça commence par moi” on French radio station Raje answers the big questions about tomorrow’s society and presents new ways of changing the world in your daily life. Vidal, author of the eponymous book and creator of the eponymous website, puts out an eco-friendly podcast to match. It shows how you can take action in practical terms, through getting acquainted with new trades and businesses that will change the way things are tomorrow. The content is optimistic, a “guide full of utopia-driven conversations aimed at enabling you and yours to travel through time to the glorious 2030s, today”. When you listen to it, it’s as though it’s a reality – you project yourself forward with these meetings of ordinary people and principled activists with innovative ideas and plans.

The most accessible eco-friendly podcast: “Y’a le feu au lac”

The pitch : The podcast that unpacks everything you think you know about ecology

This Ouest-France podcast hosted by journalist Lucas Scaltritti sorts through information and breaks down our beliefs about ecology, while dispensing pieces of advice on environmental and climate issues. Exit preconceived ideas, enter fascinating topics and home truths to better make sense of things and make choices in everyday life on topics like 5G, fast fashion, savings or organic products. Everything gets unpacked and afterwards you feel more knowledgeable and more motivated, almost intent on changing the world! The discussions get you hooked and you immediately feel like you’re affected by the issues raised.

The most forward-looking eco-friendly podcast : “#2050”

Podcast 2050
©Podcast 2050

The pitchA singular perspective from which to imagine how the future will look and thereby question our present

This podcast is hosted by Rebecca Armstrong, a presenter specialising in “switching models”. She discusses all the topics necessary to glimpse a world that’s acceptable around 20 years from now, with a societal dimension: the climate, of course, and also feminism, collective intelligence and culture. Each guest imparts their ideas and knowledge, and the interview makes it possible to glimpse solutions with the aim of making things better. We like the slight quirkiness that comes through in the episodes’ flights of fancy, which brings a breath of fresh air and renewed hope.

The most optimistic eco-friendly podcast: “Impact Positif”

The pitch: The podcast that will have you meet those who are changing the world

This LCI podcast hosted by Sylvia Amicone is aimed at giving airtime to the words and actions of “changemakers”, i.e. those who try to change the world through their own actions. The episodes shine a light on solutions and positive impact on society or the environment, whether it be the sea, low tech, the healthcare of the future or food waste by way of topics such as the politics of tomorrow, freedom of expression, the digital divide or impact investing. You have to listen carefully to understand it all and realise that everything discussed is at close quarters (even if it seems far removed from daily life). This podcast shows that ultimately everything is interconnected and that together, we can change the world.

The most proper eco-friendly podcast: “La révolution écologique”

The pitch: A six-part show to examine how ecology relates to modern life

Dominique Rousset and Nicolas Hulot question our relationship with the world by facing off ecology and nature, ecology and science, ecology and democracy, ecology and capitalism, ecology and social justice, and ecology and borders via interviews with experts. Sociologists, physicians, economists and various other specialists question the world by positing ecology as the radical perspective that will make the necessary (r)evolution of our society possible. A series that’s very much impactful and leaves no-one cold!

The most targeted eco-friendly podcast: “Nouveau modèle”

The pitch : The podcast on principled, environmentally-responsible fashion

Chloé Cohen opts to only quiz women on the subject of fashion, to highlight that they are the main workers in and victims of this industry which wreaks havoc in terms of the environment and also human rights and working conditions. To paint their portraits, designers, entrepreneurs, stylists and models are quizzed about their values and actions to reform the fashion world. The topics are incisive and the women inspiring. In this way, each episode considers the consequences and terrible impact that this industry has on the planet and also the changes and solutions to be brought into being so that the textile trade can continue without exploitation, wastefulness or pollution.

The coolest eco-friendly podcast: “Le grand large”

The pitch : Less, but better! A podcast to get reconnected with yourself, other people and the planet

In her podcast, blogger Deedee slams overconsumption and takes a deep dive into sustainable and non-sustainable fashion and more. The idea is to give you the toolkit to make better-informed choices as a consumer. This way, it takes you from an analysis of plus size fashion to behind the scenes of ethically-sound jewellery by way of eco-awareness and the demystification of clothing labels. The interviews with inspiring personalities are like chats between friends sharing their experiences to learn how to do better.

The most intellectual eco-friendly podcast: “Sismique”

The pitch: A podcast on the issues faced by a changing world

Here, Julien Devaureix gets to the bottom of things and of the most complex concepts, and knows how to make them easier to broach when conversing with the experts: geopolitics, nuclear fusion, degrowth, cryptocurrencies and also community life or eco-anxiety. From the vastest issue to the most personal, the content offers up thoughts on the world and also on our everyday issues, whilst skilfully managing to join the dots so that everyone feels that they are affected, even by topics that are thought of as complex.

Eco-friendly podcasts are a tremendous way of conveying the realities and solutions of today’s and tomorrow’s world to the masses. With impassioned speakers on the mike, when it comes to both questions and answers, whatever the tone of voice, this is high-quality content which has precious freedom whereas some media outlets often only have a repetitive and limited set of things to say. These podcasts are real up-close-and-personal shows. Not only do they tell the truth, the whole truth. They also make it possible for us to “meet” a very broad spectrum of guests, whether well-known or not. They are a refreshing and virtuous light shone on the skills, knowledge, ideas and practical solutions that the actors of ecology have to offer.

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