Beautiful and glowing skin, it’s also part of a healthy lifestyle! 

Do you dream of radiant skin? A glowing complexion can change everything. But beyond skincare, adopting a healthy and simple lifestyle is over half the battle. Find out more! 

When asked “What is your main concern about your face?”, the majority answer: brighter skin, with an even complexion. A development that reveals a new perception of beauty, especially after the long uphill battle against wrinkles over the years. 

Today, we know that having a glowing complexion is one of the keys to having self-confidence. It conveys the image of a healthy, fit person who takes care of themselves, and these perceived strengths are viewed positively in both personal and professional settings. In short, taking care of our complexion is in our best interest. Especially since looking good, and hence being satisfied with oneself, is foremost appealing to others and radiating joy. 

Here is our specialised healthy lifestyle programme, to be followed by everyone from a very young age, especially since skin and body ageing starts before the age of 25. Taking care of yourself means: starting now. 

Being happy is good for morale (but not exclusively) 

Happiness and optimism are ideal for giving us the desire to move forward and undertake new challenges. This can often be seen on the face as it can relax facial lines. To be happy, and therefore feel good about yourself, you must celebrate small and big moments and congratulate yourself on every victory. Ultimately, balance is the name of the game. As the philosopher Fabrice Midal says in his eponymous book, “Leave each other alone!” Dreaming of enjoying a raclette with your family? It’s an opportunity to get together and enjoy a wonderful time. The detox can wait until tomorrow! Feel like a night out with your girlfriends? Cocktails and champagne flutes – to be consumed in moderation – are part of the party, and all the better if they help you relax. All you want to do is spend the weekend napping and watching Netflix on the couch. What if, for once, you listened to your body, which is telling you that it wants to slow down a bit? Monday morning will be the time to get back into the routine. 

Sleep is essential!  


Time spent sleeping is never a waste of time. While your mind takes advantage of sleep to relax its thoughts and find new ideas, your body works to regenerate itself and tackle the negative oxidative effects of external aggressors. On average, the body needs about 7 to 8 hours to function properly, but the most important thing is to listen to it and to give it the time it needs. Going to bed at a regular time (the body likes routine) and preferably before 11 p.m., remains the most important thing to benefit from genuine restorative sleep cycles. 

Turning hydration into a religious practice 


To boost your skin’s radiance, you need to drink at least 2 litres a day. Water and herbal tea are welcome, and especially green tea can be beneficial. However, sugary and/or alcoholic drinks have no nutritional value and will be counterproductive for the skin’s appearance.  

If internal hydration is crucial, then using a topical moisturiser is also essential to keep the skin flexible and hydrated. 

Eating the right foods 

Alimentation ventre - WE ARE CLEAN - CLEAN LIVING

A balanced diet has many health benefits. Naturally, it contributes to maintaining the body in good condition and at a healthy weight per its physique. But using the right ingredients is also crucial for a glowing complexion. Vitamins A, C, and E are the most protective for skin cells, counteracting the attacks of free radicals at the origin of pigmentation and other signs of ageing (wrinkles, dehydration, etc.). Omega fatty acids reconstitute the epidermis, preventing water loss from the skin. And legumes are ideal for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and delaying sagging. 

Moving regularly 

Finding the right physical activity and practising it as often as possible is the best way to clear your mind. Goodbye tension, and daily stress, you can forget about anything. But moving is also an opportunity to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Sweating is imperative to eliminate toxins that are unnecessary for the body. This results in a clearer, more radiant complexion. The best solution? Alternate with activities dedicated to relaxing the mind (meditation, yoga, etc.) to free yourself from mental tensions, this is the best tip against dull complexions! 

Adopt the right skincare routine 

Crème Hydratante Régénérante – Blue Skincare

For perfect skin radiance, there are daily habits to adopt. Make-up removers and cleansers are key to maintaining healthy, supple, and soft skin. But general care is also important. Important ingredients? Emollients to boost skin hydration (hyaluronic acid), as well as active ingredients with keratolytic properties (lactic acid) that boost skin renewal and refine skin texture. Think also of active mother-of-pearl (present in all Blue Skincare products) whose regenerating and restorative properties have been scientifically proven. For example, mother-of-pearl triggers the production of filaggrin, a key protein in the cell regeneration process, which also generates the amino acids of NMF (natural moisturising factors). The result: the skin barrier is strengthened and insensible fluid loss is reduced. Moreover, the complex lipids naturally contained in mother-of-pearl are those which form intercellular cement: this contribution is beneficial to the proper cohesion of cells together (the cement of the brick wall is solid). In the end, a homogeneous corneal layer means that the skin will reflect light better, and hence will be more radiant! 

Treat yourself to THE right kind of dietary supplements 

Complément alimentaire Blue Skincare

Some skin types, particularly the most fragile, need a nutritional boost when the cold or the sun has weakened them or during hormonal imbalances (puberty, pregnancy, or menopause). To be favoured: active mother-of-pearl, vitamin C, zinc, and hyaluronic acid to supplement the effect of skin care products, not forgetting pre- and probiotics to ensure the balance of the intestinal microbiota, a fundamental element for the radiance of the skin. In case of dull skin and small imperfections, try the Skin Perfector Food Supplement NACRE ÉCLAT. From as early as 1 month, the results are noticeable. The most important thing is consistency: take it every day in the morning and the evening, for 28 days.  

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