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Will you give in to the facialist trend?

A sallow complexion and pronounced wrinkles… How about pampering yourself with a treatment from a facialist, one of these new facial skincare professionals? We tell you all there is to know about this new trend.

In the beauty world, everything gets recycled and reinvented. That’s how it works. The same applies to beauty routines (out with the exfoliator, enter the scrub), active ingredients (goodbye irritant retinol, hello oh-so-gentle bakuchiol), etc. And now, professions.

If you have an appointment with a beautician, you’re “stuck in the 2000s” as the youngsters say. These days, every self-respecting beautysta has put their pretty face in the hands of a facialist before. But what is this new discipline, anyway?
Well, a facialist is a face specialist, and an expert when it comes to beauty routines and the skin. They may or may not be trained in beauty therapy. This concept is straight out of the USA.
Basically, you see a facialist to treat yourself to a bespoke beauty assessment, review your beauty routine (what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong) and most importantly, pamper yourself with an express rejuvenating massage. The facialist’s talent lies in the ability to get rid of signs of tiredness, smooth out the complexion and leave the face looking revitalised. And most importantly, this produces instant results. The brows are lifted, the facial contours better defined and the skin’s radiance clear to see. You know, that GLOW that we hear so much about?

Seeing a facialist is like treating yourself to a life coaching session

Each facialist can develop their own speciality. Some will go with the Jacquet pinching method, others with Kobido facial massage… Or whatever it might be. It’s the effect on you that counts. This applies to smokers (with greyish complexions), 50-somethings (with faces that show signs of ageing) and those working multiple jobs (who clock up a lot of screen time), etc. In summary, all women can benefit from the effectiveness of a targeted facial massage.
Some facialists use stones like Gua Sha stones as massage accessories. Others prefer to use more hi-tech tools, like luminotherapy appliances for example. Lastly, some use nothing but their own (fair) hands. Technique is everything, and a facialist will manage to get rid of those horrible dark circles that make you look 10 years older, and smooth out all the wrinkles (around the eyes and mouth, on the forehead, etc.) as if by magic.

So what’s the bad news? Well, this technique can be a little painful (at least, it isn’t always very pleasant to wake up with your muscles feeling numb, to reactivate deep-tissue oxygenation or kick-start microcirculation).
If you’re expecting a nice light touch, you’ll be disappointed. Seeing a facialist is like treating yourself to a masterclass from a top sports coach. It will yield results, but you’re going to have to put some hard work in. Or at least let the professional do so!

So what’s the good news? Well, most facialists offer clients follow-up at home with self-massage, which is as easy as it is effective.

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Obviously, it costs money to see a facialist. The prices are unregulated, and some famous names go right ahead and charge €300 for a treatment (gulp!). But it’s for a good cause. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay €150-€180 per session.
One last piece of advice: book your appointment ahead of a big occasion. It’s a surefire facelift effect that bypasses cosmetic surgery. That’s a solid argument in favour of pampering yourself with a treatment from a facialist at least once (per year)!

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